What happens to willpower? Ways to bolster it.

Think of something in the past few days that has challenged your willpower. Getting up on time? Resisting that down-the-rabbit-hole online surfing when you know that your client project is behind schedule? Not reaching for that second coffee in the afternoon when you know that coffee, for your body, taken after midday guarantees rotten sleep that […]

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A productivity hack that actually works

Does this sound familiar? You head to bed reciting a “to do” list of things you didn’t get done today that you somehow need to squeeze into an “already full” day tomorrow. It used to be a familiar state of affairs for the post-graduate students I teach each semester. These students are from Bahrain, Brazil, […]

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Add a new tiny habit to your coffee ritual

Too small to fail

Those of us living in the southern parts of Australia and New Zealand, need no reminding that we are in the heart of winter. That warming, expansive feeling that comes with the first morning coffee or tea calls us even more urgently at this time of the year. So, what say, you could use this […]

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Are you getting your ROI on those one-day training programs?

Last week a gentleman called me from a large Sydney-based company. He wanted “cultural training” for his staff. “Why?” I asked. Six months ago his company had established subsidiaries in Brazil and Venezuela – their first foray outside Australasia. Things were going badly. Australian and New Zealand staff were leaving. Those remaining felt overwhelmed. The […]

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Mind Habits. Which do you wake up to each day?

This week I interviewed three super-productive people. Each one leads teams that report to them from five plus countries in different time zones. I asked each one about how they start their day. I enquired about their mind habits on waking. The emerging theme was striking. A big part of their morning ritual is what […]

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Habit stack or willpower?

Caught out! Now I know their secret. I provide business coaching to mid-tier and senior business managers and leaders. What I keep noticing is that some of these people are super-productive each day without getting exhausted. So what’s their secret? They habit stack. A Duke University study concludes that 45% of our daily activities are habits, […]

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Lessons for leaders from elite sports people

Such a joy to watch Serena and Venus Williams in action in the Women’s Final at the Australian Open on Saturday 28 January! Then last night was literally breath-taking, watching Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer in the Men’s Final. Congratulations to four truly inspiring athletes. All commit to every shot on court; to every shot […]

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