This Spring feels different

Green leaves symbolising springIn Australasia, 1 September marks the official start of Spring.

Down Under in Down Under – Melbourne – Spring’s presence is undeniable. The air is fragrant, the trees radiate lime green. Yet, this particular start to Spring feels different from others.

We tend to associate Spring with opening up; with releasing the layers of winter; with feeling more freed up. This one is different.

Over half of Australia is in lockdown. The same is true in New Zealand. Our days can feel like one long unbroken line without the anticipated upbeat elevation we associate with Spring. Work and home activities seem to meld together.

Most of the people that I coach, whichever their hemisphere, are working from their homes. A consistent theme is this: they find themselves really tested as they try to tease apart work, home, and caring activities within their day. Their days often feel like one long, homogenised blur of activity.

GENERATE ENERGY: Master Transition is a response to this new state of affairs with so many professionals now working from home. They are startled to discover that they actually miss the pre-Covid transitions provided by commuting, and walking to meetings.

GENERATE ENERGY: Master Transition is a participatory live-online program with four sessions of 90-minutes across September. It is grounded in the neuroscience of habit-building.

Registration closes 5pm Friday 3 September (AEST).Register now GENERATE ENERGY: Master Transitions.

Here’s to injecting Spring into your day – whichever your hemisphere.

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