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Celebrating Twenty Years: Acknowledging Celebration. Celebrating Acknowledgment.

This year, 2021, we celebrated 20 years since our beginnings as the first intercultural communication company in New Zealand. Since that time we have moved our office to Melbourne, Australia. As we have grown up as a company, our team of globally dispersed associates and consultants has expanded and many life-long partnerships developed.

We are a consulting and coaching company committed to facilitating leadership capacities in individuals, teams, and organisations with a global reach. We provide a knowledgeable, globally connected and welcoming space in which leading from the inside out can be explored, learned, practiced, and stretched.

Clients gain transferrable practical skills for communicating, working with and leading culturally diverse direct reports, colleagues, counterparts and clients. Our programs are informed by extensive practice and research in emotional intelligence, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and intercultural communication. This is supported with hard data from the neurosciences.

Taruni Falconer

Taruni is committed to bringing fresh approaches to creating sustainable, multicultural, diversity-aware organizations with a global orientation…….

Our Associates

To give you the best choice of service we work with a range of people we love and trust. And what a rich list this is now! We are so fortunate to work with a stellar group of people who globally have led the way for the intercultural communication field across 35 years.

This includes: practitioners, pioneers in developing training tools such as Cultural Detective®, thought leaders linking the neurosciences to the role of self-leadership in business, and faculty from the global leader for professional development in cross-cultural communication, the Intercultural Communication Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA.

All associates are highly educated professionals with many years of international experience, and relevant academic backgrounds. Although some of us are geographically separated, we share the same work ethic and delivery standards.

Our Resource Consultants

Too many to list! We partner with a network established over 30 years of culture-specific specialists living across the globe on five continents. These people join us virtually or face-to-face as in-depth enablers so that international assignees feel ready to hit the ground running in their new business and social contexts.

Resource Consultants bring their expertise into our pre-departure and post-arrival coaching programs for mid-tier and senior executives. The primary focus they provide is for day to day living in the new cultural setting, and business practices in the new business context.

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Our Company…

Taruni Falconer & Associates was established in 2001 as Intercultural Dynamics™ Ltd. Foundered to support organisations and their people to find solutions………