Generate Energy: Master Transitions

A doorway showing a transition from one space to another.

Ever noticed that high performers have a magical trio?

It starts with the letter “E”.

Energy. They know how to keep generating positive energy. Work with them and you notice that they demonstrate enduring mental, physical, and emotional vibrancy.

This, in turn, gives them more passion, stamina, and motivation than the people around them.

So how do they sustain this?

Our energy level is not a fixed state. We don’t have to wait for joy, motivation, feeling energetic. Over the decades of coaching high-performers, I’ve observed that one of the fastest, the most effective ways to increase energy availability is to master transitions. High-performers treat their daily transitions like beautiful doorways that signal a change in focus.

Highly productive people practice these three things: 

1.They intentionally chunk their days into types of work such as create-mode, admin-mode, client-focused mode.

2. They deliberately name these chunks of their day for themselves. Their internal monologue goes something like this:
“I’m in create-mode for two hours: no emails, no answering phone. “
“I’m now moving to admin-mode: responding to emails, making phone calls about the current project.”

3.  They declare the close of one chunk of work-focus to themselves by doing a micro-celebration. This will often be an internal, “Well done. You got that in the bag on time! 
Or simply a big smile and an out-loud “Yes!”.

They remember to do the Micro-Celebration which takes just seconds and releases rewarding dopamine. What gets rewarded, gets repeated.

Want this magical trio for yourself?

Join me in September for four sessions of 90-minutes: GENERATE ENERGY: Master Transitions. The program is grounded in the neuroscience of habit-building. Register here.



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