Who are our associates?

Our internationally credentialed culture-specific and industry-specific Associates equip you with practical and research-based solutions for swift application into our culturally diverse workplaces.

Access to the specific expertise of these Associates has been built by Taruni over 30 years – living and working on five continents. This global network includes the Cultural Detective® team of over 120 experts who have created this contemporary tool. All our associates are highly educated professionals with many years of international experience and relevant academic backgrounds.

As part of our quality assurance, we each continuously invest in professional development opportunities. Formerly, many were trained at The Institute for Intercultural Communication, world leader for professional development in this field. We also attend and present at conferences hosted by the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR). We maintain linkages with other global practitioners via membership in virtual teams.

Additionally we actively provide professional development for intercultural trainers and promote international standards of practice in the profession of intercultural communication and leadership.

Examples of Programs Building Intercultural Competence

We bring decades of experience delivering cross-cultural programs to SMEs and corporates around the world. We have been equipping professionals working with Asia in the form of practical methods to obtain a business advantage from understanding the impact of culture and building cultural bridges.

Programs relating specifically to the geographies of Asia

  • International Law Company: “Indonesia Ready” – a virtual program to prepare senior HR personnel heading into Indonesia post company merger.
  • Manufacturing:“Cultural Intelligence – China and India” one-day programs focused on selling and successful negotiation.
  • Multinational Manufacturing Coy: one-day “Working Globally” program for 12 participants.
  • Airline: half-day workshop on “Personal Global Leadership” for 45 participants.
  • Technology Group: three-module regional talent program in Asia conducted in New Delhi, Singapore and Beijing.
  • Automobile and Engineering Coy: one-day “Cooperation Awareness Training” for 33 participants from Australia and The Philippines.
  • Gold Exploration: one-day pre-departure “Thriving in Indonesia” training for senior geologists going to Indonesia
  • Motorsport and Engineering Coy:  “Synchronizing as the China Team”; one-day program for senior engineers, finance and marketing personnel engaged in multiple trips to their China market
  • Education Sector:  “Cultivating Intercultural Capability” program for   senior, non-academic staff negotiating with counterparts in Malaysia, Vietnam, China
  • Oil & Gas Coy: half-day workshop on Japan for 10 managers; two-day Australia orientation for 3 graduates from PNG.
  • Manufacturing Coy: half-day workshop for business travellers, short-term assignees and expatriating employees and their partners to Singapore for 24 participants; one-day workshop for 5 participants delivered in Singapore.
  • Multinational Engineering Company: two-day “Intercultural Training Program” on Australia for a couple from Pudong, China; six one-day programs for Indian executives from Pune.