Build your Leadership Habits

Bruce Lee

What do a fighter pilot, academy award winner, and elite athletes player have in common?  Here’s a clue.  It’s something missing in most professional training in business, academic Institutions and not-for-profit. Fighter pilots, elite athletes and performers design their days, weeks and lives to get better at what they do. They deliberately practice and practice until a thought, a word and their actions become their default habit.


So how can you build practice into your work day? How can you rewire your brain for excellent performance in your work – without adding to your schedule?


The Leadership Habits program introduces you to the world of habit-building so you can respond in more intentional ways to your next leadership challenge.


Learning Objectives

  • Explore and apply the neuroscience of embedding transformative leadership practices
  • Implement the powerful concept of the Habit Loop for personal and organisational advantage
  • Commit to changing habit/s no longer benefiting you in your work context
  • Benefit from the group support to sustain fresh leadership responses



The program consists of four 90-minute sessions on the dates given below.

The sessions start promptly at these times:

Thursdays 09:00 -10:30am  AEST

  • 1st session: November 5
  • 2nd session: November 12
  • 3rd session: November 19
  • 4th session: November 26

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