Build your Leadership Habits

Bruce Lee

Elite tennis players know about it. The military apply it. Academy award winners understand this inside out! So why are business leaders and managers not doing this too? The impact of not doing this so often ends in expensive mistakes from high-stakes decisions made under duress. The impact is decision-making pre-Covid style when this way is no longer working.

What is it that we are missing?

Doing deliberate practice such that it becomes our default, habitual response when under pressure and the stakes are high. So how can you build practice into your workday?  How can you train yourself to make fresh, context-appropriate responses when under such current pressure and daily change?

The Leadership Habits live online program (2017-2020) introduces you to the world of habit-building so you can respond in more intentional ways to your next leadership challenge.

What you learn

  • Explore and apply the neuroscience of embedding transformative leadership practices
  • Implement the powerful concept of the Habit Loop for personal and organisational advantage
  • Deliberately practice the simple technology of the Micro-Practice that is too small to fail
  • Benefit from the group support to sustain fresh leadership responses


The program consists of four live online 90-minute sessions on the dates given below.

The sessions start promptly on Zoom at these times:

4 x Thursdays  Australia-Asia AEDT 9:00-10:30am;  Wednesdays US PTZ (Pacific Time Zone) 2.00-3:30pm

  • 1st session: November 5 (AEDT)
  • 2nd session: November 12
  • 3rd session: November 19
  • 4th session: November 26

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