Cross-Cultural Business Services

The Need

In today’s economy, the development of global-ready talent and true cultural agility constitute the new competitive advantage. Working in multicultural, and virtual teams is a complicated process for people, for teams, and for organisations.

You want to feel comfortable, confident and competent in meeting the challenges of living and working in the new business culture of your global assignment.
Differences in communication style and points of view ask you to expand and shift your communication style.
Your team needs globally-ready individuals equipped to work both virtually and face-to-face.

Times of high transition tend to challenge people’s sense of identity and escalate difference-based tensions. Every crisis can turn into an opportunity, but a crisis will never make that turn unless handled with awareness and skill.

7 things to look for when hiring cross-cultural business services

  1. Programs are interactive, customised and can be delivered in-person and blended.
  2. Confidential pre-program Needs Assessments are used to ensure the program will meet client requirements.
  3. Programs enable clients to effectively bridge differences, making workplace inclusive and productive.
  4. Programs are based on the premise that diversity is a rich and potent resource, if skilfully managed.
  1. Cross-cultural business services provided are both practical and research-based.
  2. Programs are designed and critiqued by global associates who each bring over 20 years of intercultural insights, real-life case studies, stories and practical strategies.
  3. Your cross-cultural communication expert is internationally credentialed at the lead training organisations for the field of intercultural communication.


“At the Business Analysts Professional Day Taruni presented a new and refreshing approach for on-the-job stress management. The technology of the micro-practice as a way to renew and reboot during the workday is simple, easy to fit into my tight schedule and takes less than a minute. What’s not to like!"

Katya Orlovskaya, Data Governance Analyst at Cbus Super Fund 2017

"Nurse Managers want both clinical and communication professional development to keep them current and competent. Since April 2014, Taruni has been the speaker we always reach for when it comes to growing the intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills of our delegates. Taruni rapidly engages delegates, she challenges, and she inspires with content that combines, in fresh and practical ways, the hard data of the neurosciences with emotional intelligence. The outcome for our clients is to feel refreshed, renewed, energised."

Zoe Youl, Event Education Conference Manager, Ausmed Education 2014-19

"Taruni has provided two presentations for our Toyota New Zealand HQ staff. The first was about working effectively with Japanese counterparts. The second presentations focused on practical ways to build moment- to-moment renewal within our work days. Both presentations were closely tied to our business values. Taruni has been the catalyst for us to build further knowledge, information and resources in this tow areas. I highly recommend her services to other’s wishing to connect more effectively with other people, and people from cultural backgrounds different to our own."

Jane Stella, Future People Development, Toyota New Zealand November 2018