Taruni Falconer

Taruni Falconer Leadership Habits

Taruni is a business coach, presenter, and facilitator with a rich background in intercultural communication and leadership skills.

Clients know her first and foremost as a coach and facilitator. She facilitates  trainings, meetings, and complex processes, and give participants the skills to continue that work themselves. Most importantly, she facilitate changes and deep shifts for individuals and teams.

To facilitate means to make things easier, and that is what she does. She makes it easier for individuals and teams to work through complex issues.

Her presentations are informed by current leadership, cross-cultural and diversity research as well as three decades as a practitioner.


As a speaker, her engaging, warm, pragmatic approach and international business acumen, enable her to connect with people at all levels in conferences, training and networking events both nationally and internationally. Taruni presents to…

  • Corporates
  • Franchises
  • Professional and industry associations
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Audiences range from ten person in-house teams to conference audiences of up to 1000 people.


In addition to her professional practice, Taruni is an active member of

  • Professional Speakers of Australia (PSA)
  • International Leadership Association (ILA)


  • Masters of Education
  • BA (Behavioural Sciences and Asian Studies)
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Fellow at The Institute for Intercultural Communications, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Faculty at Swinburne Univeristy of Technology since 2014
  • Co-author of the globally-validated intercultural training tool, Cultural Detective® launched publicly in 2004

Taruni is recognised as a leader in her discipline,  fostering global leaders and collaborative work environments.