Mastery of Practice to Embody Habit: Meet What’s Up with Calmness and Creativity

Between the pandemic and polarized politics, we find ourselves living through a global version of “Something’s Up”. Daily I ask myself, how can I skilfully meet this time of crumbling certainty? How can I respond calmly, creatively, confidently to this reality of what is?

2014 was a breakthrough year for me. I was a participant in the 9-month program called Personal Leadership: A Year of Living the Practices. This program introduced me to the technology of the micro-practice.

Since exposure to this little power pack, the micro-practice has become my steady ally. It takes less than a minute, it is simply too small to fail. It gifts me micro resets throughout my day, renewal on the hoof, skill to interrupt anxiety and replace it with considered action.

I’m looking forward to co-facilitating the 2020-21 nine-month program, with eight virtual meetings. Next program starts in October. Using neuroscience-based activities, you will learn a fail-proof, personalized method to manage the unknown, know what to do next, and boost your sense of calm, creativity, confidence.

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