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Who are we?

Taruni Falconer & Associates is a consulting and coaching company established in 2001. As a group of international associates, we specialise in working with business leaders in large organisations with a global reach.

Our clients want globally-tested approaches for working with culturally diverse colleagues, counterparts, and clients across borders. They want to feel comfortable, confident and competent working in new-to-them business cultures. They want to be equipped to respond appropriately in cross-cultural situations, whether virtual or face-to-face.

Our clients are often working in high-stakes situations of stress, professional transition and flux. Unfortunately, in such testing situations, our human tendency is to drop to default, habituated responses, to be reactive rather than responsive to the new situation in front of us.

Working on five continents with more than 70 different cultures, we have discovered approaches to respond in those critical moments,  of making choice based on deliberate practice. Our globally-validated intercultural tools and leadership practices equip you to respond to your own level of expectation.

Build Your Leadership Habits

Bruce Lee famously said:

We don’t rise to our level of expectation, we drop to the level of our training.

Unfortunately, this sums up the result of a lot of leadership training – we learn some new insights, do a few new things and in the crunch moments, we revert to our default way of dealing with things.

Bruce LeeThe tragedy from this approach is that in failing to be effective in the critical moments two things happen. Firstly, we question our ability to lead because we didn’t act the way we wanted.
Secondly, others question our ability to lead because we didn’t act the way they expected.

To break the patterns that hold us back we need to create fresh choices and new behaviours. We can do that by building practical leadership habits. And most importantly we can rewire our brains by practicing for only a few minutes each day.

The Leadership Habits program introduces you to the world of habit building so you can automatically respond in more powerful ways to your next leadership challenge.

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