What is Coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic, customized, purposeful, and immensely supportive process. It is future and solution focused. It is directed by and grounded in your daily, lived experience–what are your goals and intentions, what are you concerned with or confronted by?

That’s where we begin. We provide executive coaching that is:

  • One to one, customised, action and results-orientated
  • A collaborative relationship
  • Future and solution focused
  • Works mostly between the dimension of ‘ask’ and ‘how-to’
  • Works in cognitive, behavioural and affective domains
  • Contractual

Clients who seek Taruni’s coaching services include:

  • Globally mobile executives
  • People stepping into transitions – in roles, in new business settings, in managing new professional responsibilities
  • Managers and leaders wanting coaching for short international business trips

Taruni has consistently been a keen observer of my strengths as distinct from those of my global team members. The effect has been new clarity about my own contributions, and about how to optimize and include our very diverse team members. CEO Pharmaceutical company with responsibility for Asia & Pacific Plants 2018

What is the Process?

Current research sums up coaching is a “human development process that involves structured focused interaction and the use of appropriate tools and techniques to promote desirable and sustainable change of the coachee and potentially for other stakeholders. “ (McGill)

Taruni  uses a range of tool, including that of Personal Leadership, a robust framework developed, tested and used internationally. It offers specific practices for those who want to deepen their own effectiveness living and working across cultures. When appropriate, coaching clients are invited to participate in the Global Competences Inventory or other self assessment diagnostic tools to help identify and target their personal developmental priorities.

Coaching sessions take place by telephone/Skype or face-tof-ace with contact by email in between sessions. Scheduling across time zones to mutual agreement can work well.

The coaching structure is designed jointly with you, specifically for you. First contracts typically outline an initial six-month series, in recognition of the developmental process involved.

Taruni’s enormous experience, wisdom and knowledge was invaluable, equipping us to settle into our new life in Melbourne. We didn’t know entirely what to expect from the intercultural coaching program and were pleasantly surprised on the tailored nature of the day. The greatest benefit was how holistic it was, covering a broader range of topics than we initially hadn’t considered. It really enabled us to reflect on the transition we had embarked on and plan for challenges. Taruni encouraged open and transparent conversation. This enabled solutions and suggestions to come about readily and this made the day fun and enriching. We were given a broad range of strategies to employ. I can highly recommend Taruni as your intercultural coach and mentor. Andrew Wolton, Design Manager, Ford Motor Company 2017

Taruni’s coaching has helped me navigate complex interactions with my dispersed direct reports. What I’ve observed is my new ways of arriving at deeper levels of insight as I get smarter at trusting my own clarity and insight.  Area Director, Latin America, Agricultural Company 2018